FREE LOVE DARE CHALLENGE: 5-Days To Forge A Stronger Relationship With Yourself

How to prioritise yourself (without taking away from your relationships)!




You matter in your own life.

You know you deserve more.

You want you to RISE in love with yourself.

Instead you:

  • Feel reliant on a partner or friend to feel good about yourself.
  • Often feel inadequate or unwanted.
  • Struggle with loneliness.
  • Judge & blame yourself for being a loser.
  • Cry a lot, over eat and drink too much.
  • Drown yourself in work.
  • Play small.
  • Resort to lying.
  • Hold onto sadness, resentment, anger, guilt, blame, shame, hurt.


If you've said YES to any one of these, it's time for the 5-Day LOVE DARE CHALLENGE.

  • How to APPRECIATE yourself.
  • How to get relief from the vicious cycle of self-hate.
  • Give a blueprint of what self-care you need to do to strengthen yourself
  • And increase your HAPPINESS HABITS.

- You'll be given a lesson a day with a practical activity, and a LOVE DARE CHALLENGE for the day.

- Plus 5 daily Facebook Live Coaching Sessions during the week of the challenge on each lesson.

Day 0: Preparation

Day 1 - 5: Five days - five dates with yourself. (15 minutes each.)

You'll be given a practical assignment to complete and feedback to the group.

Day 6: Wrap up and submit your personalised BLUEPRINT ACTION PLAN.


I'll see ya on the other side.

So much love. Can't wait to LOVE DARE with you.


Meet Your Coaches/Hosts

Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza
Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza


I’m Jo Ntsebeza, a qualified professional coach, facilitator and lay counselor. And it’s my mission to show you how to create love in your life so you can not only feel heard, safe and know you matter, but so you can experience a richness of love and freedom in your relationship (and your life). If this sounds like something you desire, I’ve got you


Ended a 20-year pattern of attracting unavailable men who treated me like I didn’t matter. Like you, I once believed relationships could make me happy. But I found that, whatever my pain outside a relationship, it was amplified in it. I NEEDED to be needed. I was ashamed to see it but I was dependent on others for my emotional wellbeing. I used to experience depression regularly and felt helpless to change things. I drank too much, smoked too much and even went through a few months where I didn’t want to leave home.

Then I began to systematically practise the happiness habits I now teach in FreshStart Your Life. I began to heal and and I transformed my life. I'm now in a relationship where I now experience a genuine love and presence in a partner. I’ve learned how to create an INNER HAPPINESS & LOVE that isn’t reliant on my husband or someone else. And now when things don’t go the way I want I no longer fall apart.

I HAD NO IDEA that the answer to my relationship problems was to increase my INNER happiness levels, increase my capacity to handle life when things don't go my way and release my painful thoughts.

I’ve served as a coach and teacher to over a thousand people in the last 23 years. I’ve helped CEO’s, managers and women like you how to break free from their heartache; how to move away from feeling disempowered in their relationships and dependent on someone else for the well being.

Because here is the vegan beef:

  • I believe you are worthy of love.
  • I believe you are 100% able to heal.
  • I want you to go after the life that you KNOW you were destined to live.
  • I believe in increasing your own light, you'll make the world anew!

PS. I'm a qualified professional life & business coach, in case ya wanna know more.

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