FREE LOVE DARE CHALLENGE: 5-Days To Forge A Stronger Relationship With Yourself

How to prioritise yourself (without taking away from your relationships)!



You matter in your own life.

You know you deserve more.

You're tired of NOT being your biggest fan.

You want you to RISE in love with yourself.

Instead you:

  • Feel reliant on a partner or friend to feel good about yourself.
  • Often feel inadequate or unwanted.
  • Struggle with loneliness.
  • Judge & blame yourself for being a loser.
  • Cry a lot, over eat and drink too much.
  • Drown yourself in work.
  • Play small.
  • Resort to lying.
  • Hold onto sadness, resentment, anger, guilt, blame, shame, hurt.

You know you need to recharge.


If you've said YES to any one of these, it's time for the 5-Day LOVE DARE CHALLENGE.

You'll go on 5 dates with yourself exploring how to reconnect with yourself and your needs. Each date won't take longer than 15 minutes.

I'm not promising you magic. 5-days will not heal ALL your pain and problems. There is no quick-fix to your relationship frustrations. But it will show you:

  • How to APPRECIATE yourself.
  • How to get relief from the vicious cycle of self-hate.
  • Give a blueprint of what self-care you need to do to strengthen yourself
  • And increase the HAPPINESS FACTOR in your life.

- You'll be given a lesson a day with a WORKBOOK of practical activities.

- Plus 5 daily Facebook Live Coaching Sessions during the week of the challenge on each lesson.

Day 0: Preparation

Day 1 - 5: Five days - five dates with yourself. (15 minutes each.)You'll be given a practical assignment to complete and feedback to the group.

Day 6: Wrap up and submit your personalised BLUEPRINT ACTION PLAN.

BONUS: FREE GROUP COACHING CALL only for people taking the challenge.



What can you expect?
  1. You'll receive a downloadable workbook and 7 lessons in your email box over 7 days. Make sure you have us marked for your inbox. 5 of those lessons include the challenge. (So check your junk mail).
  2. Each day I will take you through a lesson and give you an activity to complete. This won't take you longer than 15-minutes.
  3. You get to join a special Facebook Community especially for this challenge where I can coach you directly.
  4. I'll give you 5 Facebook Live Q& A Classes over the 5 days. If you can't make it you'll be able to catch up in your own time. Here you can ask me any questions you want.
  5. At the end of the challenge we'll have a coaching call together to wrap up.

I'll see ya on the other side.

So much love. Can't wait to LOVE DARE with you.


Meet Your Coaches/Hosts

Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza
Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza

Longing for amazing relationships is one of the most basic primal human urges. Yet for many people relationships are not only a source of pain and stress but a total distraction from their dreams and purpose.

Like you, I once believed relationships could make me happy. But I found that, whatever my pain outside a relationship, it was amplified in it. I NEEDED to be needed. I was ashamed to see it but I was dependent on others for my emotional wellbeing.

Then I began to own my life. A happier, more joyful me emerged.

If this sounds like something you desire, I’ve got you.

Make yourself at home, here at Kalavati Cafe. I help people to have a fresh start, tame the mess, build up their DARE, and free the wildness of their spirit in the world that waits.

I've worked with hundreds of women (and men) over the last 23 years showing them how to break free from their heartache; how to move away from feeling disempowered in their relationships and dependent on someone else for the well being.

My coaching courses are designed to end the pain, to create an AMAZINGLY adventurous lifestyle, and to help people build their dreams - with crazy goodness, fire and love. At Kalavati Happiness Cafe, we strive, as a community of happiness pathfinders, to discover a way to feel alive, complete and confident .

Because here is the vegan beef:

  • I believe you are worthy of love.
  • I believe you are 100% able to heal.
  • I want you to go after the life that you KNOW you were destined to live.
  • I believe in increasing your own light, you'll make the world anew!

PS. I'm a qualified professional life & business coach, in case ya wanna know more.

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