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Learn how to experience your own love (free from hurt, relationship pain and negativity) so that you have richer, more rewarding relationships.

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You have so much love to give. You've a purpose. But something is missing from your relationships and your life. You're exhausted from giving too much or having a broken heart.

You might even think something is wrong with you. Or wonder what you could have done differently. And you're angry, trying really hard not to show it. You feel resentment and guilt at the same time

I know how lonely this can feel. All you want is inner happiness and peace. To know you matter. And to love yourself and others unconditionally.

But you don't know how.

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What’s REALLY stopping you experiencing love in your life?





For women who are caught up in painful relationship patterns who are ready to seek their own love first and experience inner happiness and freedom - even if everything is a total mess.



You're no longer defined by what other's want.

You’re no longer thrown off course every time someone does something you don't like or DOESN'T do something you want.

You know what you want and why you want it.

You've stopped tripping up on your fears, insecurities and lack of emotional strength.

You're training your mind to think powerfully and attract and build beautiful relationships.

Life is getting better and better every day.

I have not taken any anxiety meds since I started FreshStart. It feels good - Tint P Malaza

" It made me realize just how much power I had. I was feeling so helpless and thinking my husband was the reason for my unhappiness. FreshStart gave me the tools I needed to move from feeling helpless to knowing that it's all an inside job. I've grown so much. I've learned to practise radical self love, to cut myself some slack, to fightback if I need to (my default position have always been victim mode). I've learned to let people in. I mean really let them in. I am no longer the strongest one on the outside while on the inside I am slowly dying. I've learned to cry, to shout and to say it's enough. I've learned to let people be, to let them journey on their paths without my interference (I used to call this helping). Now I see that it was me lacking faith in them. I was in fact hindering their growth, imagining or amplifying their pain. I've learned to sit with my pain and know that it's all perfect - my depression, panic attacks and all. I am now more at peace and more free from it all. Jo you've been such an incredible teacher. I love you will every fibre of my being. #LifeReconstructionInProgress" - Vuyile MaZikalala Ntshangase

"Before I joined FreshStart I was in a very dark place. I felt like I was facing another depression I didn't love my life anymore. During the FreshStart I learned so much about myself. The right words to use are: "I found myself." I learned about my strength and how to learn from my weakness. I was forced to dig deep within me. The lessons that are provided from this programme taught me that I'm in control of my emotions and how to react to those emotions. When I started FreshStart I weighed 90kg. Four weeks down the line I had lost 10kg. I am coming out of this process equipped with so much information to last me a life time. Thanks Jo for being such a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I will continue to trust the process." - Lindiwe Radebe


Learn to have a love affair with yourself so you can break negative relationship patterns in your life.

Free yourself of guilt, anger, resentment, hurt and anxiety.

Increase your capacity to love unconditionally, starting with yourself.

Before doing the entire FreshStart, I was struggling with depression, anxiety, using alcohol to cope with stress and unable to adjust to many major changes that had recently occurred in my life. But within a few days of FreshStart, I noticed a remarkable difference in my ability to focus and felt increasingly energized.

My emotions calmed down dramatically, my mood elevated and my stress levels were no longer off the spectrum. Instead of melt downs that had me yelling and wanting to throw in the towel, I became able to communicate my feelings without the using the exchange as a vehicle to hurt or shame others “for making me feel this way”.

The paradigm shift in my thinking was amazing. Instead of blaming I began to learn the power of letting go of that which I cannot change and just accepting what is. I also begun learning that I don’t have to be driven by my emotions, nor fear them. Just let them be and with the tools I can choose how I am going to respond to them. When I hit a rough patch, Jo’s gentle guidance was also a beautiful compliment to the e-course. FreshStart was a liberating experience.” – Michal

(At Michal's request, not her real name/image to protect her identity.)


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to believe in their fantasy of what an ideal relationship should look like. In reality, people don't meet our needs.

And, for every trait we admire, there is another trait we will dislike.

What happens when someone doesn’t turn out to be the person we thought they were?

The usual response is to demand our partners change (FIGHT)or to internalise our pain (FLIGHT) until we are sick.

We numb ourselves with food, booze, social media or too much work. We seek distraction in our other relationships.

Our life is determined by seeking relief instead of inspired by purpose and love.

This does not have to be your life.

Know you matter.

  • Feel heard, wanted and understood.
  • Feel in control of yourself and your life.
  • You're no longer 'waiting' for attention.
  • The fighting has stopped. You're not over stretched any more.
  • You're living your life, bringing JOY and Peace to your family.

And the reason everything you've tried up until now doesn't work is because:

Relationships have become your THREAT!

In short, you're living off your stress hormones. Every decision you make is governed by FIGHT & FLIGHT SYNDROME. Right now, the only time you feel happy is either when you're getting your needs met by someone else or when you distract yourself with food, booze or whatever is your fancy.

You've accumulated emotional and physical toxicity as a result of negative events, bad diet, harmful beliefs and a sedentary lifestyle. The toxins cause you to live in CRISIS mode. Relationships become THE threat. Learn how to detox. Learn how to cleanse the pent up negativity and trauma so you can break the vicious cycle and instead become grounded and calm.

You spend most of your energy worrying about what others are thinking, feeling and doing, leaving you feeling helpless and out of control. What you need is the courage to be disliked. For the courage to be disliked, you need to get out of fight/flight mode, raise your happiness levels and your stress threshold so you can tolerate what you think is not tolerable.

You're not giving building yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically - EVERY DAY - so that you don’t feel so easily unhinged. You've trained yourself to feel bad. Now you can learn how to train yourself to be happy. It takes time. What will it cost you to wait?

You need to stop focusing on someone else and for a time ONLY focus on YOU!

You may be thinking...





When you cultivate happiness levels, unconditional love becomes easy. For self and for others.


"I have become more vocal and focused. I have become less agitated. I am becoming a better person each day. I have learnt the strongest tool within me is my mind." - Ngawethu Bhelazana Ngamza Mtlomelo





Learn how to challenge your complaints; go on a physical and mental 21-day detox; use the 3-Step System to focus only on what you can control; integrate the 5 PILLARS OF HAPPINESS HABITS into your every day life.

After you complete the first phase of the program you will...

  • Feel alive and enthusiastic about yourself and your life;
  • Experience a new energy ;
  • Feel more connected with yourself;
  • Have a community of support;
  • Reconnected with yourself.


Together we’ll clear all the old hurts and traumas AND I’ll teach you how to achieve this on your own when something comes up that hurts you.

Once you’ve completed the second phase of the program you'll have...

  • Experienced the freedom and POWER of forgiveness;
  • Felt a deep connection to your own Source of Love;
  • Felt a greater confidence in yourself and your decisions;
  • Learnt what meditation is and isn’t;
  • Learned how to unhook from painful thoughts;
  • Learned how to take action in your relationships from a place of love not hate – even if you’re saying NO!





Learn what really matters to you, and what your true values are. Learn how to say YES to YOU and how to know your worth.

  • Own your shadow, decrease relationship triggers and increase your relationship contentment factor.
  • Build the power of your mind; increase your courage to LIVE YOUR LIFE!
  • Craft a vision for your relationships;
  • Build your strength and capacity for unconditional love (especially for yourself) so you’re not a slave to your relationships

...The costs of NOT focusing on yourself is you end up with a low tolerance level and you won’t be able to handle people in your life when they don’t meet your needs.

You react with:

  • Fight,
  • Flight and
  • Addictions.

You attract the wrong people into your life. You end up with feelings of self-hatred.

It's a vicious cycle. The unhappier you are with yourself and your life, the worse your relationships will be.

It begins and ends with you. Nothing is going to change until YOU change.

Because you can't manage your relationships, you can only manage yourself.

With Fresh Start you'll learn to focus on yourself. You'll learn how to build what I call Happiness Habits into your daily life so that..

Your HAPPINESS CHEMICALS rise, and your FIGHT / FLIGHT mode is lowered.

You'll learn to trust yourself again.

When you are not living your past over and over again, you will be able to rely on your instincts to alert you when something really is wrong in a relationship.

You can't control the outcome. But you can control YOU! And when you know you've done all you can - you feel free.

Check out how these woman experienced

their lives after they completed FreshStart

"I was looking at my face in the mirror the other day. It is better than it has ever looked. I realized that I never understood the meaning of self care. I always thought it was the long baths etc, but it is actually gently loving yourself from the inside. I have always been unable to forgive myself, I beat myself up so bad I think if I had to turn myself inside out I'd be black and blue. Sitting in the understanding that honouring my emotions and my body with what it really needs internally, proved life changing." - Lucia Mashilo

"I am finally reading print books again. I am becoming more focused all round. I am happy for the productivity and creativity in my days. I am feeling more alive, seeing the beauty of the day.

I worked a full 5 day 8hr/day week for the first time in 10 months, since my mom passed on. I recognised my fears and flipped the script so that they do not paralyse me. My capacity to stay focused in a meeting has improved a thousandfold. I found the courage to send out marketing promotional emails for my business.

Overall, I have been reminded very powerfully that we may feel broken, even then we can mend, and we can mend each other. The power of community is irreplaceable as it keeps us motivated and encouraged." - Lorna Houston

"Before Freshstart, I was anxious about my life. By the end of bootcamp, I was really a different person. I'm calmer, am in control of my emotions. I don't panic anymore.

I do what what I am capable of achieving each day. I no longer feel drained and in chaos. I've become more productive as a result. I learnt I can change most of the things I complain about in my life. I am capable of changing my life, it is after all MY life.

I learned that what we eat also has a direct impact on how we feel emotionally. After the gentle detox, I no longer felt tired and lazy.

Miraculously, my migraines went away, my sinus improved and my severe period pains are now very minor, or not at all. I haven't confirmed with the doctor yet, but I don't get the sharp horrible pain I used to get due to ovarian cysts from hormonal imbalance. I know my hormones are in order now.

My life has changed a lot since doing FreshStart, and I still continue putting into practice everything I learnt." - Maletshela Moeletsi


- Videos, workbooks and worksheets.

- Monthly Master Classes and Coaching Calls which are recorded and made available in your course material.

- There is a private Facebook community where you can access coaching and support.

X - There is no private support with this programme.

Investment for LIFETIME access to FreshStart

(Six and twelve month payment plans available)


If you didn't watch the promotional video, check out what Life Coach, Leoni Liebenberg Coetzee has to say about what happened for her.

The Freshstart was absolutely awesome. I had lost my way before I started it and by the end I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I am free to fly again.

I learnt so many ways to deal with different issues and having the opportunity to practice them and then give feedback to the group was great.” – Kerry Ulyate, Business Analyst, Discovery Health

"I signed up for FreshStart Bootcamp without having any idea what to expect, really. I just thought I would come out better on the other side. What I got was immense as a result. Jo's guidance and support every step of the way meant that I couldn't allow myself to give up. Her own story was an inspiration and her insights both humorous and profound. I came away richer than I started. Without a doubt, doing one of Jo's programmes was one of the best decisions I have made in 43 years." - Tam Olckers

"What originally motivated me to join FreshStart was a desire to find some way of calming my anxiety and to feel less stressed, I hoped to do this through meditation. I was not particularly motivated to lose weight or face my emotional issues; all of this came up right from the very beginning though. I was unhappy with so many aspects of my life. My interactions with Jo were a catalyst which led me to make some life changes. I started exercising and meditating regularly, picked up my art practice and sought out opportunities to get work on exhibition. I reduced the number of clients I was doing work for and started spending more time sculpting. I also lost 15 kilograms." - Jenny,

"Once upon a time in a far away, isolated village lived a young girl by the name of Cookie and she lived in absolute misery. She hated her job, she didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings, she was constantly angry, bitter and utterly unhappy. She blamed her background, her finances, her failed relationships for her messed up state, she even blamed God for not granting things in her favour. Cookie sometimes thought that an evil witch had cast a silly spell on her to confine and stagnate her pursuit of happiness. Days seemed like doses of misery and she slowly slipped into depression then moved into suicidal thoughts till she finally buried herself.

One night the tooth fairy was doing her rounds in dreamland and heard a cry for help, she rushed over to find Cookie helplessly drowning deeper in depression. She pulled her out and suggested a bootcamp.

“Oh boy” Cookie thought, “But I don’t like running” she said.

The fairy smiled at her and said, “It’s a bootcamp with a funky twist love”.

And the fairy whisked her off to Land Bootcamp for Personal Development, Fitness & Fun.

Cookie couldn’t believe her was simply..magical. All the things she didn’t think existed were right before her. She found a treasure box filled with valuable goodies. Not only did she find an exotic vegan meal and a good stretch, she found the most precious gift of all. She found herself again. She surfaced back to life, back to appreciation and gratitude, she surfaced back to God. Cookie discovered her passion and resigned from her dreadful, daunting job to a life unknown yet so exciting and refreshing…

The End…." By Sunflawer Nomonde Makwez, Johannesburg.

(Full FreshStart Series)

During my first 28-Day Bootcamp I lost 4kg, reduced my panic attacks down to nearly nothing, and felt stronger in my ability to cope with life. My second bootcamp took my weightloss to 7.5kg and by the third I’d lost 11 and to this day 6 months later I haven’t put it back on. I loved working outdoors and the community support. –Tumi Moleko, (Full FreshStart Series)

Meet Your Coaches/Hosts

Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza
Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza

Longing for amazing relationships is one of the most basic primal human urges. Yet for many people relationships are not only a source of pain and stress but a total distraction from their dreams and purpose.

Like you, I once believed relationships could make me happy. But I found that, whatever my pain outside a relationship, it was amplified in it. I NEEDED to be needed. I was ashamed to see it but I was dependent on others for my emotional wellbeing.

Then I began to own my life. A happier, more joyful me emerged.

If this sounds like something you desire, I’ve got you.

Make yourself at home, here at Kalavati Cafe. I help people to have a fresh start, tame the mess, build up their DARE, and free the wildness of their spirit in the world that waits.

I've worked with hundreds of women (and men) over the last 23 years showing them how to break free from their heartache; how to move away from feeling disempowered in their relationships and dependent on someone else for the well being.

My coaching courses are designed to end the pain, to create an AMAZINGLY adventurous lifestyle, and to help people build their dreams - with crazy goodness, fire and love. At Kalavati Happiness Cafe, we strive, as a community of happiness pathfinders, to discover a way to feel alive, complete and confident .

Because here is the vegan beef:

  • I believe you are worthy of love.
  • I believe you are 100% able to heal.
  • I want you to go after the life that you KNOW you were destined to live.
  • I believe in increasing your own light, you'll make the world anew!

PS. I'm a qualified professional life & business coach, in case ya wanna know more.

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