FreshStart Dream Reboot!

Discover your purpose, harness the power of your thoughts, become focused, fearless and bold, take inspired action and set your dream in motion.

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You're clear on your purpose and passions. You know what you want and why you want it. You're training your mind how to think powerfully and to attract great opportunity.

It's getting better and better every day. You've stopped tripping up on your fears, insecurities and lack of resources.

You're mastering the art of powerful inspired action instead of the art of procrastination?

Best of all you have a step-by-step plan of what to do. Even if you don't know the HOW of all the steps, you're confident, calm and clear.

You're doing it. You've begun to live your most wanted dream and appreciating where you are RIGHT NOW!

Close your eyes - who would you be if you were here?

Are you ready for it?

“Before I started working with Jo, I wasn’t clear how I can best trust myself when it came to my ability to achieve my best. Through a process of working with Jo that I discovered what I can do with what I have. But mostly how to get more out of me. I discovered what I really love and used it as a path where I can also earn money and that was a turning point. I no longer felt stuck and unsure. Jo is one of the people who held my hand and walked with me into Village Gossip Productions, a multi discipline production house managed by 100% women in the arts. My dream became a part of hers in creating a world where women across the globe can converse and share each others work. Through my constant contact with her I found more of me. I am able to feel, live and touch my full potential. And on a personal level there is no measure to how much my self esteem has gotten a boost. This is definitely my first point of call on a personal and professional level when I want to go to the next level.”

- Napo Masheane, Village Gossip Productions, Poet, Director, Writer.



“If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse...

but surely you will see the wildness!”
- Pablo Picasso

Meet Suzanne Spratt. She is now building two dreams.

She found funding and has applied to go back to school to get her social work degree; and she has turned her love for painting pet portraits into a business. She recently took a commission for the biggest painting she's ever done. http://www.suzannespratt.com/

"It helped me to heal old wounds, embrace shortcomings and understand them as necessary tools to a better life and becoming a better person. I set goals to become a development trainer after many years of unemployment or jobs I did not enjoy and within two month I was doing just that."

– Mpho Matima!


If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.- Henry David Thoreau

Meet Your Coaches/Hosts

Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza
Jo Hazelhurst Ntsebeza

Longing for amazing relationships is one of the most basic primal human urges. Yet for many people relationships are not only a source of pain and stress but a total distraction from their dreams and purpose.

Like you, I once believed relationships could make me happy. But I found that, whatever my pain outside a relationship, it was amplified in it. I NEEDED to be needed. I was ashamed to see it but I was dependent on others for my emotional wellbeing.

Then I began to own my life. A happier, more joyful me emerged.

If this sounds like something you desire, I’ve got you.

Make yourself at home, here at Kalavati Cafe. I help people to have a fresh start, tame the mess, build up their DARE, and free the wildness of their spirit in the world that waits.

I've worked with hundreds of women (and men) over the last 23 years showing them how to break free from their heartache; how to move away from feeling disempowered in their relationships and dependent on someone else for the well being.

My coaching courses are designed to end the pain, to create an AMAZINGLY adventurous lifestyle, and to help people build their dreams - with crazy goodness, fire and love. At Kalavati Happiness Cafe, we strive, as a community of happiness pathfinders, to discover a way to feel alive, complete and confident .

Because here is the vegan beef:

  • I believe you are worthy of love.
  • I believe you are 100% able to heal.
  • I want you to go after the life that you KNOW you were destined to live.
  • I believe in increasing your own light, you'll make the world anew!

PS. I'm a qualified professional life & business coach, in case ya wanna know more.

"I did this process as a young musician trying to make it in Joburg. As a result of that one day, 9 months later I launched my first CD. I still use the tools I learnt that day to take myself to the next level. My music career has really grown since then with performances on international stages."

Bongeziwe Mabandla, Musician

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This course is not open for enrollment.